Raw foodism (or rawism) is the practice of consuming uncooked, unprocessed and often organic foods as a large percentage of the diet. Practicing this diet has been known to give you super human strength, jittery legs, a beautiful complexion and sometimes gas. (Okay, so that last part was not from Wikipedia). But SERIOUSLY, I am on a food high!! It has been approximately 16 hours since I finished one of the best meals of my life, and I am still buzzing. Last night was DELICIOUS.

I am not one that eats a lot of raw food, but I may want to change that with the amazing food and inspiration that I received last night! I am honestly wondering when I’m going to come down from this high(probably once I microwave some canned soup for lunch- doh!)?!

One of the many reasons I love Whistler is the variety of inspiring people within our community. Some truly passionate people-organized people!  I had the opportunity to attend what I would call one of the most delectable events of the year.  Earthsave Whistler, and Raw Chefs Sarah Uy and Priscilla Levac of  The Raw Lifestyle hosted their first, of what I hope to be many, Raw Food Dinners at Burnt Stew Cafe.

I went. I ohhhh’d. I ahhhhhh’d. I drooled. And I took pictures. So without further ado:

First Course: Cauliflower Veloute- a cauliflower soup complemented with sweet and sour balsamic marinated red onion, and cashew creme. It was a different consistency than I am used to, but yummy.  **Forgot to take a picture of this because I was so excited I just started eating.

Second Course: King oyster mushroom calamari -soft chewy king oyster mushroom breaded with flax spices and herbs, served with a lemon macadamia tartar sauce and spicy “cocktail” sauce. Bizarre and delicious.

Main Course: Living lasagna with herb salad- layers of zucchini, marinara, almond cheese, spinach and marinated mushrooms. It was huge and delicious.
Dessert: Brownie and Brazil nut ice cream- chocolate sauce was drizzled over-top and the brownie was warm. The ice cream was creamy and sweet.  This was the best dessert I have EVER eaten in my entire life. FOR REALS.
I am not sure that my life will ever truly be the same after this. Somebody get me a carrot, because I feel a crash coming on…………………………….

15 thoughts on “RAW RAW SISS BOOM BAH

  1. Ummmm….I love you and this blog is awesome, you my friend, have just given me more procrastinatory activities to do at work. xoxox. Alix

      1. Thanks for the link (I ‘liked’ her–will have to check out the rest of stuff there and hope for a recipe post! :)) If I had a nickle for every time I said the same thing (“if only I had a REAL camera….”), I’d be rich! In my food review post today, I am gushing about how awesome this salad was, how beautiful it looked, and then I go and post the pic that I took, and it doesn’t look nearly as nice!! FAIL! (I left the pic in anyway, so at least the reader got an idea, but still!) Have a great week!

  2. bethchosandzenbalancing–LOVE the raw vegan foods!! Great ideas. I go to a raw food meetup regularly, but have not tried too many recipes for home. I would LOVE to try some of yours!! Beth

    1. Aw, thanks Beth! I REALLY hope you do try some. I have really just become some-what obsessed with raw food in the past three months, and it has begun to tremendously change my life. The food just tastes sooo good, and it is really fun to make! Thanks so much for stopping by!!

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