This recipe is for all of those people who look at me with wide eyes when I tell them I make my own almond milk. I am almost a little apprehensive to give it up. Watch me go from domestic to dilatory, because nut milk is truly one of the very easiest things to make at home! It is so easy and cheap that there’s very little reason to spend money on a store-bought brand. No excuses it can be whipped up in literally 5 minutes.



4 CUPS water

PINCH of Salt

1/8 CUP Agave/4-6dates/maple syrup OR stevia to sweeten (I always add and sample rather than measure)

1  TSP vanilla extract/1 tsp vanilla essence OR 1 vanilla bean seeds scooped out

1 TSP Cinnamon ( I always use this as it gives the milk such a fresh taste)


1. SOAK YOUR ALMONDS 8-12 hours. Measure out the amount you need and place in a cup or dish, pour in enough water to ensure the nuts are completely covered, and place them in the fridge (I always do this before bed) .  If need be you could soak them for a couple of hours,  but longer is better. (Why soak your nuts?)

2. Once your nuts are saturated pour out the water they soaked in, rinse them and place the almonds in the blender

3. Measure out fresh water, place in blender and bleeeeeeeeeeeend.

4. After about a minute of blending, add all of your flavoring ingredients. Salt I find makes a big difference even though it is just a pinch. Your choice of sweetener will also change the taste. I find dates to be a subtle sweet whereas agave is much stronger. I always add a little at a time and sample it so as to not go overboard.

5. Once your mixture is blended well, about 2 to 2.5 minutes and has your desired taste you can have two choices:

a) Pour into a glass and drink/store it. This will result in a thick milk that will settle with a large amount of almond chunks. This is ok, but if you are not using it all at once, you may want to blend it again before using it.

b) Strain your milk. Pour the mixture from the blender through a cheese cloth/metal strainer/or nut bag into a bowl. When doing this you will have to squeeze the mixture through the bag or stir and push it through the strainer. As a nut bag (ha ha such a bad name) I used a reusable produce bag I bought at IGA. I think I got 3 for 9.99 and they work perfectly.

6. Pour it from the bowl into a glass and you are done. Almond milk will last in the refrigerator for about 4-5 days. You can save the almond pulp and add it to your oatmeal or if you have a dehydrator it can make some awesome cookies.

7.  Don’t forget to rinse your nut bag!!! HA.



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