T LOVES TEA (that’s me). Loose Leaf tea. Who knew tea drinking could become a such hobby? Hell, I am making a career out of it (not really, but I should be). Once Davids Tea moved to Whistler water drinking changed. My water intake is now hot and sometimes it has sparkles or popcorn or chocolate in it!! OH MY!! Yesterday I drank a cup of OH CANADA tea that has little red maple leafs floating in it. My Canadian pride beaming through my Tea cup. I actually had to purchase one of their beautiful glass tea containers so as to mesmerize even a passersby as I drank my hot trendy beverage.  “Yes sir, I am so glad you asked, there IS actually moonbeams and unicorn dust in my tea.”

Tea is what inspired this mornings smoothie. Seeing as sometimes I leave tea steeping and forget about it. Yesterday it was choco chai. So today I turned it into:


2 bananas frozen

1\2  avocado

2 cups Spinach & Kale mixture ( or whatever green stuff you have)

1 cup herbal chai steeped overnight and refrigerated (two teabags or double the loose leaf- you want it stroooong)

1 tbsp cinnamon

Sweeten to taste ( I used maple syrup and sweetened the tea when it was hot and did not need any additional sweetener)

1 tbsp Hemp hearts

Top with shredded coconut

Place all ingredients in the blender and go! You may want to increase or decrease the amount of tea and sweetener. Had this not been a green smoothie I would have loved some coconut milk in here, but I am trying to use only water or herbal tea only  in my green smoothies. Once I poured this in my glass I topped it with a generous amount of shredded coconut which I stirred throughout. Delicious!!


13 thoughts on “GREEN SMOOTHIE: BANANA CHAI Cha cha

    1. I know- easily done. I went yesterday and bought 4 new tins (they have different colors) and 4 new teas to sample. Is Banana oolong your fav? I am looking for new mind-blowing teas mmmm- in an attempt to not eat chocolate at night I will drink delicious teas!

  1. Mhh this looks so yummy!
    I can’t eat avo tho 😦 I know… Sad story. Have any substitution suggestions?

    1. I would actually just amp up the greens and probably make coconut milk cubes (freeze coconut milk). Best would be making a mixture of coconut milk and spirulina and freezing them, then throw 3-5 cubes in your smoothie. That way you are still getting the benefits of greens and creamy texture. Also this prevents you from using too much of a “milk” base. Try it!! I have done this before but I also added sweetener to them and made 2 full trays. Power cubes. I measured it out so as to have 1 tbsp of Spirulina for every 4 cubes. They are green!

  2. Have you tried Read My Lips from David’s Tea? Chocolate mint. Delish.
    Spearmint is my fave for herbal, currently have Skinny and Organic Detox Green Tea on the go too.

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