As far back as I can recall, I have LOVED salt and vinegar chips.  The way they tingle on your tongue- make your eyes and mouth water…yum!

When I was younger, I liked to think of myself as some-what of a chip ninja. I was only allowed to eat chips once a week for the  TGIF quadrivium of bad television- Dinosaurs, Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper, Boy Meets World, and  Sabrina the Teenage Witch. I remember navigating my way around our 25 chip maximum by devouring an entire bag in a hidden location within our home.

Now,  20 years later ( holy s&%$, that makes me feel old), not much has changed, but I am a struggling ninja.  Rather than hiding with the chips, I hide them from myself (this never works- obviously I KNOW where I put them). Torn between wanting to fit in my sexy ninja suit, and giving into temptation by devouring, yet another bag, of salt and vinegar chips. I am desperate for resolve.  You can’t be a ninja without fitting into your ninja suit, right?!

And so begins my quest to replace chips. Let us start with Salt and Vinegar Chickpeas from Angela Liddon’s  ohsheglows website.


4 Ingredients 30 minutes SO EASY full recipe HERE

Gather your ingredients: Chickpeas/Vinegar/Olive Oil/Salt











Boil the Chickpeas in Vinegar












Roast in the oven:

BEFORE:                                                                      AFTER:














TADA!!! Not quite chips, but definitely a better alternative. YUM














And easy to throw in your purse (or murse, if you will)!



  1. Oh my god my sister and I had the same TGIF TV potato chip routine as you!! Oh, and, these look delicious, I will be making them.

  2. Tara how i love thee. but how long to you boil them?? ooh you could make hot sauce ones.. oh god i’m trying this on my days off. xxxx

    1. Do you see where I wrote 4 ingredients 30 minutes SO EASY full recipe HERE? Click on the here, and it will take you to the recipe. I did not make up the recipe, so posting it is kind of like stealing- I don’t wanna steal!! So that link will take you to the website I found it on!!

  3. Made these last night and snacked on them today – I’m so impressed! They completely retain the vinegar tanginess that I love from the chips. I under cooked them a little bit because I forgot to set the timer and was distracted and afraid I’d burn them – will leave them in a few minutes longer next time. Numnumnum. Will definitely make these again!

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