Sending emails. Sending “professional” emails. Not that I send many, but on occasion I can muster up some non-offensive words to group together and send off to clients. Did you know…. when you save email addresses in your “address book” the name you use to identify the person, can actually be SEEN by the person you send it to?  I did learn this sometime ago. Why did “girl with the crazy hair” and “super sexy smile man” not email me back….? I can only imagine, but  it’s okay to embarrass oneself- in personal life.

However, today I received an email, at work, addressed to: “short girl with the blonde hair  in accounting”. Really?! Is that the impression that I make? Blurgh!!  “Girl with spinach in her teeth” is far more endearing, or at least impressionable. But no, I am SGWBHIA, and FYI- 5 ft 7″ is borderline tall.

So, to commemorate this slightly offensive, email extravaganza, I had ice cream for dinner. Delicious homemade ice cream and I named it rightfully so!


Serves 2

3 Frozen Bananas

1/4 -1/2 cup light coconut milk (or any type of milk)

2.5 tbsp cocoa  powder

Sweetener to taste (not usually necessary, but perhaps a drizzle of maple syrup)

3 tbsp Hemp Hearts (optional, good for a nutritional boost)

Shredded coconut and vegan chocolate chips to top

Add frozen bananas and coconut milk to blender/food processor. Slice your bananas before freezing as this makes them  easier to blend. Be patient with your blender, as this will take 5 to 7 minutes of blending and stirring.  Do resist the urge to add too much liquid(unless there is black smoke coming from your blender), or this will turn into a milk shake rather than an ice cream- though equally delightful. Once your bananas and milk begin to resemble soft serve immediately add your cocoa powder, sweetener, and hemp hearts. Blend for 30 seconds- until thoroughly combined. Place in dishes and top with coconut, chocolate chips and kind words.

Blend it












Serve it















Now you see it (this is bowl number 2- as in my second serving so it was a little melted)
















Now you don’t



  1. I find you extremely delightful to look at. I also find it delightful when you give this medium height curly hair girl the opportunity to procrastinate writing boring professional emails by dreaming about ice cream!

    P.s. have you ever had the experience where you send a highly unprofessional email to a professional contact by mistake? I have sent an emails called ‘whiny sledneckers’ and ‘whatthefuckityfuck’ to some lady at City of Vancouver and the Xerox salesman, respectively. Outlook FAIL.

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