It’s Friday! I really wanted to start the morning off right. Especially so I could post on here some sort of inspirational; “If I can do this in the morning, so can you!”. You know, a  little encouragement to start your day off well.  A workout video, or perhaps some yoga!?  And so I began my YouTube search, with grand visions of push ups and high kicks. Yet, somewhere along the way my search of Susanne Somer’s thigh burners turned into National Geographic’s honey badger (Thanks Cindy T).

And so, I approach this day differently. Today I am not doing a workout before 8 am, and I don’t care- no guilt (I never do a workout before 8 a.m. so there was not much guilt to be had). Instead I am going to drink an absolutely decadent protein packed smoothie and watch dubbed animal kingdom videos.

For you, I hope that this video may serve as a simple, and entertaining reminder(I never claimed to have good taste). Sometimes it is okay not give a $&*@. Do things your way. And I hope this smoothie fuels an absolutely kick a$$ day!



1/2 Cup Almond Milk (recipe here or any preferred milk)

1-2 Medjool Dates ( they are really sweet)

1 1/2 Frozen Banana

2 Tbsp Almond Butter (or peanut butter which I used today)

1 tsp Cinnamon

Pinch of salt (if your nut-butters unsalted)

3-6 Ice cubes (optional)

1 tbsp Hemp Hearts (optional)

Add date and almond milk to blender and blend thoroughly eliminating large chunks of date. Add remaining ingredients and blend until smooth, feel free to add more milk if needed.




  1. I freaking love your blog. I am really trying hard to cut meat from my diet, so you are a great inspiration for me. Keep up the great work darlin. Ps. you always make me laugh and cheer me up, especially on a Monday. Serious. You’re the cutest. xoxo

    1. WoW! You just made my day!! I am surprised that anyone even reads my mini rambles!! Thank you so much, it truly means a lot to put a smile on ANYONE’s face. Have the best Monday you can! xo

      1. Oh, and guess what!? You can cut meat from your diet completely! I have faith! You so obviously have compassion for animals and that is the first step. Recognizing the connection.

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