I have had a similar rap soliloquy going through my head all night long. It was not until I started doing the running man in front of the TV that JP even paid attention to me. “It’s such a RAAAAAWWWW VIBRATION, it’s such a sweeeeeeeeeeeeet sensation…”(insert high squealing semi opera-esque rap voice here). I can sing it, I can type it, I can twist the words of Marky Mark or do the robot across my living room, but either way, today’s message remains the same- Raw Food is a good vibration.

I actually refrained from writing this last night, so as to gather my thoughts and articulate my words. No dice!! I am still running on my food high AND listening to a mix of 1991’s greatest hits.  All I can do at this point is beg you to bear with me, so please BEAR WITH ME!!

A big thanks goes out to Whistler’s 3 amazing Raw Food Chef’s for organizing another extraordinary event, and Jennie and Hayley of  Earthsave Whistler  along with their volunteers for helping out . The Raw Fiesta taking place at Burnt Stew Cafe in Function Junction, Whistler B.C was a total success.  It showcased the unbelievable talent of these 3 phenomenal Raw Chefs; Sarah Uy, Sarinda Hoilett of Wild Planet Raw Foods, and Priscilla Levac of The Raw Lifestyle. These three women not only wowed us with their talent, but also their love and compassion for the food they create.

Unfortunately, we were not provided with the actual menu for this event, so please excuse my vague descriptions( I am deficient of the appropriate words at the best of times).

Our evening started off with a delicious Kombucha Cooler:

First Course : Raw Nachos and Guacamole:

The guacamole had this perfectly smooth consistency with bits of fresh tomato scattered throughout. The nachos were subtly flavored with just the right amount of crunch. Garlic, onion, flax, peppers, I can’t even speculate what was in these. Regardless, they were delectable, and I could have probably eaten an entire bowl on their own.

(Of course, forgot to take a photo as I was too busy eating them!!)

Second Course: Taco Plate

Sunflower spicy bean paste with tomatoes and guacamole delicately wrapped in a red pepper, corn and flax tortilla. Accompanying this delicious dish was a cashew sour cream, and  coleslaw made with creamy cashew mayo. I can still hardly believe how identical the cashew sour cream and mayo were to the real thing. Veggie or meatie, whatever your palate this dish would appeal to you! I loved it.

Dessert: Frozen Cheesecake

The only way I can describe this cheesecake is; Pina Colada meets Strawberry Daiquiri . The bottom of this cake was delicately flavored with, what I believe was; cashew, lemon, coconut, yummm and mmmm. It was then topped off with a refreshing frozen strawberry and lemon (or lime) mixture, comparable to a frozen cocktail. The only thing that would have made this dessert perfect would have been a mini umbrella and a view of the ocean.

All in all this has been,yet another, life altering, meal experience. I don’t know if ever I can express enough gratitude for the people who not only create these meals, but also organize the events to share them with others. Love Love Love.



  1. I should know by now never to come here hungry…because I’m ravenous by the time I leave! Arg. Must. Go. Eat. Now.
    Very pretty (and delicious looking!) far, as always, my dear.

  2. Great blog and photos! Thanks for your praise of Earthsave Whistler, but we just wanted to clarify that it is the chefs who organise the event, and we just support by helping to get the word out and volunteering on the night. The chefs are the stars! 🙂

  3. Hi Tara,

    I was wondering if we might be able to use some of your photos from this event for our press release for the next event? If you’re happy for us to use them, please could you email them to me? whistler@earthsave.ca Let me know what you’d like me to ask them to put as a photo credit. (If you’d rather we didn’t use them then no worries at all! 🙂


    1. More than welcome to use them. I am hoping I did not delete them all from my phone. I will look now. You can just photo credit me: Tara Drury… haha which is hilarious as they are kind of crap. Oh, and when is the next one? Can I do anything to help? I will still buy a ticket, but I would love to do anything to help.
      Tara x

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