It was 9:45 p.m., and I was restless. What to do when I am restless? I have MANY options, but I narrowed it down to 3;

a)Eat chocolate until the feeling goes away

b)Make a mess

c)Clean up a mess

Clearly A was the best choice. So I mosey on into the kitchen, and set to searching. The annoying part, is that I should not have to search. I always have copious amounts of chocolate on hand at any given time. Clearly choice A is quickly turning into B, which evidently must always be followed by C. BLURGH!! So why not stay up till 1 a.m and make step B huge by incorporating some cookies into the mix ? These were inspired by an old bag of nuts, some  brown bananas and the chocolate chips I was looking for.

Go ahead, clean out your pantry!! The beauty of these is that you can put anything in them, believe me. Use the wet mixture as your basis and than just add anything you like.


Yields 24-30 Cookies

1/4 Cup Sunflower Seeds

1/4 Cup Walnuts

1/4 Cup Cashews

1/4 Cup Almonds

1/4 Cup Hemp Hearts

1/2 Cup Chocolate Chips (or Carob)

1/8 Cup Raisins (Random amount, but that was all I had in my pantry)

3/4 Cup GF Oats

3 Sliced Bananas (keep 1 sliced banana separate)

1/4 Cup Maple Syrup

2 TBSP Coconut Oil (or whatever oil you have in your pantry)

1 TSP Vanilla Extract

LARGE Pinch of Salt

1/2 TSP Baking Soda

1/4 Cup Ground Flax

1 TSP Apple Cider Vinegar

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Gather all the random crap out of your pantry.

Place Sunflower Seeds, Almonds, Walnuts, and Cashews in your food processor. Pulse for 30-60 seconds. You do not want a moist meal, but you also do not want to see any whole nuts.

Transfer this to a large bowl and add the Hemp Hearts, Chocolate Chips, Raisins, and Oats.

In food processor add 2 Sliced Bananas, Maple Syrup, Coconut Oil, Vanilla Extract, Baking soda, Salt, Ground Flax. Pulse 15 seconds, then add Apple Cider Vinegar. Ensure this is blended well. Now add your final sliced banana pulsing just 10 seconds so some pieces of banana remain evident in your mixture. I would recommend trying this with your finger… it is tasty!

Add your dry mixture to your wet mixture

Stir together

Scoop onto your cookie sheets covered with parchment papers

Bake for 10 minutes. Keep an eye on them once you get to 8 minutes. Definitely do not bake them for 13 minutes or they will look like these; black brown. Plus neighbors do not like your fire alarm going off at midnight, oops!!

These could be eaten for breakfast. I love the pieces of banana throughout. They are soft, almost like a muffin.



  1. I have read in many articles that flax seed oil should not be heated/cooked, or even poured on warm/hot food d/t its fragile nature:it goes rancid when warmed up therefore not good…maybe virgin raw coconut oil could be a better choice?

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