I want happiness. Who doesn’t ? But when unexpected things begin to change in your life without warning or preparation it’s hard to be happy.  Are you ever truly ready for change?  Probably, though you may not know it and you may not show it. Is it fortuitous that the things you resist in your life, often insist in your life? I think so, when so often we are denying what we truly want.

Eckhart Tolle  put it so simply when he said; “Whatever you fight, you strengthen, and what you resist, persists.”  Though this can relate to the repercussions of repeated negative thoughts, it also reiterates the futility in denying what you truly want for your life.  Doors will always close along your way, all in the off-chance that you decide to open a new one. The only difficulty is recognizing this as an opportunity, and a choice. What one considers a loss can equally be an advantage. You can open the same door and allow life to repeat itself till the end of time, or you can open a new door and change your life.

Wow, such deep thoughts just for an interlude to some popcorn. EEEkkkk!!  Stop knocking on butter and salts door, go see what spirulina and nutritional yeast have going on!

If only I knew then what I know now about: SPIRULINA ONION ‘CHEESE’ POPCORN

(It doesn’t taste like poop or fish, I promise!)


1/2 CUP Popcorn Kernels

3 TBSP Nutritional Yeast

1/2 TBSP Spirulina Powder

1 TSP Onion Powder

1/2 TSP Salt (or to Taste)

Olive oil OR Flax oil OR Butter

Mix the nutritional yeast, Spirulina, onion powder, and only 1/4 TSP of the salt in a small dish. Make sure they are incorporated well, no chunks.  Pop your popcorn into a large bowl. I have an air popper, but you can use whatever method you like.

Once your popcorn is done, pour a choice amount of oil over it and half your dry mixture. Place a clean dish towel over the top of the bowl to seal it so you can shake the contents well without spilling (you could also use a ziplock bag).  Sample your popcorn and then add any additional salt and remaining dry mixture to suit your taste.

Like virtually all my “cooking”, I always make my dishes “to taste” so the measurements are not exact. Is the Spirulina too strong? Add more nutritional yeast, or onion powder. Did you only use half the dry mixture, and find it strong enough? Put it in a container and use it next time. You decide.



  1. Haha, now that I know the key to your taste-buds I will have to send you some of my recipe disasters. Pretty sure I made a smoothie that tasted like poop and cookies that tasted like fish last week!!;)

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