My poor pooch Gobey is taking more prescription pills than The Situation. With each trip to the vet it is becoming more and more obvious that he is just like JP – accident prone. Is this stuff contagious? First there was “the attack“, a brief yet costly encounter with a nasty pooch. Now, we have “the river”, an afternoon frolic turned into a costly laceration to the bone and an emergency surgery. No afternoon stroll is dull these days, just expensive.

Being on a cleanse, this shake was the closest thing to a strong drink I could chug after swiping my credit card.


2 Frozen Bananas

3 TSP Powdered Matcha

1 1/4 CUP Milk (I used almond)

1 1/2 TSP Vanilla Powder (or extract)

3 TBSP Shredded Coconut (optional)

Sweetener to taste (agave, stevia, maple syrup)

4-5 Ice Cubes

Place your milk and frozen bananas in the blender, blend for 30 seconds, and then add the remaining the ingredients. Chug, and swipe.

Photo of matcha at the top of  this page was taken from the site of Dr Lisa Watson. Check out her site, she has some great information.



  1. This looks great! I’m sorry to hear about your pooch though 😦 where in the world did you find match a powder? I’ve been dying to make a matcha tofu dessert mousse, but can’t find it! I hope you and your dog feel better soon!

  2. Will definitely be trying this – I’ve had a container of powdered matcha to use for ages and I haven’t found a good recipe to use it…this fits the bill, thanks!

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