Have you ever wanted to be a groupie (less Banger Sisters, more creepy young Beatles fan)? You know, attending ALL of their events and screaming at the very sight of them?! This is how I feel about Sarah Uy  and Priscilla Levac of  The Raw Lifestyle. I have attended, yet another one of their events, and I am left astounded and even more in love with both.

This particular event came from a much different perspective than the others I have attended. Mainly due to the fact that I volunteered to serve at this event, rather than be served.  The bonus was behind the scenes access watching these women work so hard at their craft. A  joyful experience to observe them plate each course with so much love and attention. Then, to be so lucky as to serve this delicious food to their eager patrons. It was instant gratification, and all I had to do was pick up a plate and walk.

The entire event was an absolute success. The only tragic experience of the evening was my own. The tragedy? Allowing everyone else to eat this food before me!  Just once did I ask a guest for a bite of their dinner and there was only one (reported) instance of me jamming my finger in someone’s dessert. Sorry Manon!!

The evening  was started off with a refreshing cucumber, mint, and lime water. Each glass decorated beautifully (by yours truly).

First courseCoconut Curry Soup with carrot and avocado. This soup had the perfect amount of spice, so delicately complex in flavor, you did not even notice the temperature.  The avocado was a delightful addition.

Second Course-Spring Rolls. A delicious array of vegetables and sprouts wrapped in a thin rice paper accompanied by a rich peanut dipping sauce.

Third course- Pad Thai. This dish was presented as a gorgeous tower of cabbage, zucchini, vegetables, and onion, with an incredibly unique and delicious coconut based sauce. Not completely reminiscent of the typical Pad Thai, yet as far as I am concerned this was much better.

Dessert –Coconut “Crepe”  filled with vanilla coconut cream, fresh fruit, a decadent raspberry sauce and a sprinkle of  fresh basil. All of these flavours complemented each other so well, and the basil was a nice touch. I am now eagerly awaiting Priscilla’s cookbook to get this recipe.

As always, this dinner has left me hungry for more. Not only have these women inspired me to truly venture upon a path of  raw food, but also the yearning to share it with others. If you live in the Whistler area and have not had the chance to attend this event, I urge you to check Earthsave Whistler for news about the next one. If you live elsewhere, and have not had the opportunity to experience gourmet raw food, I suggest you do so.


7 thoughts on “RAW FOOD FEAST THAI

  1. A raw crepe! I’m intrigued! All of it sounds so lovely, and good for you for only sticking your finger into one dessert. Sounds like a great night!

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