What is your MANTRA? My new website!

What’s your mantra?

What is your mantra? Really, seriously. What is your sound? What are your words? You know, that sacred dialogue you are repeatedly massaging your mind and soul with. Do you have one? Are you even aware? ​

I can honestly say that on a daily basis I was more likely of using a mantra to will my a#$ into firmness, and my stomach into flatness, than I was to transform my life into radness. My internal verbiage had become a tool of self-deprecation and negativity, rather than praise and inspiration. When your thoughts suck, you suck, and that is not good for anyone’s constitution.

So, what to do? The only thing I could, CHANGE.

“Change your thoughts, and you change your world”

— Norman Vincent Peale

It’s amazing the things you are capable of when you let yourself feel worthy and able. Words (and  inspiration of amazing people) helped me turn a lazy, kitchen-abhorring vegan diet into a high raw food obsessed lifestyle. In turn, this amazing raw food has given me a passion in the kitchen that I never knew existed, and an overwhelming feeling of joy- just because.  I feel so freaking good, that I am stuck to wonder why I did not do this sooner.

Words and food- I am in love. So in love, that I have decided to overhaul my website and life. It is an overhaul to express my gratitude for these very things, and to follow me upon this new endeavor.​I leave today to attend Living Light Culinary Arts Institute in California to keep this mantRAW going. As to what I will do when I return, who knows, but I hope that I can inspire people to give either one of these a try- because they will change your life.

I hope you keep following me, but just remember that I have changed locations! I am now at www.atemptingvegan.com so you can sign up for RSS Feed over there. I will not be updating this account any longer xo

“Cut the crap, verbally. Change your food. Change your mind. Choose your thoughts. Choose your words. Drink your water. Eat your Greens.Find yourself. Find your mantRAW”

— Post Mantra Spewing Tara

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