Raw Vegan Pumpkin Pie


If you could take just 3 things with you to a deserted island, what would they be? Surely, someone in this life-time has asked you this very question. Or perhaps you are like me, and ask yourself asinine questions like this regularly. Are you practical or unpredictable? Undoubtedly the practical (read boring) things initially cross your mind. But let’s be honest, if you’re on a deserted island, you want to have good time!

This is why water, knife, blanket, and matches no longer cross my mind. More so, I find myself weaving through the really important decisions. Solar powered D.J. booth or water trampoline. Marky Mark or Jared Leto. Margaritas or Kombucha. Lipstick or mascara. Popeye cigarettes or bubble pipe?! Decisions, decisions.

Luckily this week, my choice was easy. If I am on a deserted Island all I will need is THIS raw pumpkin pie, a fork, and pants with a stretchy waist. Thank you Jennifer Cornbleet!!

Find the recipe HERE.


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