WARNING: Though I use the word vegan, I have learned along the way that it is only that- a word. A point of reference to a way I prefer to eat. Vegan does not define or label me, it does not have rules that I am afraid to break or follow.  I try to stay true with one thing which is compassion, as for the rest- I take it easy. We make our own rules, and listen to our own bodies. So chill.


“I receive love and abundance daily.​ I am grateful for high-fives, good vibes, real food, great people, big-bum underwear and all food bloggers alike. My life is awesome and rad shit is happening to ME!”

— A Tempting Vegan


So glad you finally got here, I have been waiting for you!

Mantrawis an ever evolving food blog chronicling moi, A Tempting Vegan, and my journey from microwave-french-fry veganism to aspiring Raw Food Chef. I want this site to act as a platform for not only sharing/sampling raw and vegan food recipes, but also inspiring people to change their way of eating and in turn, change their lives. Eating vegan and raw can be delicious, quick, easy, sometimes disastrous and totally affordable.  I can’t even cut a tomato, but have somehow landed myself in Raw Culinary School, so believe me- anything is possible



13 thoughts on “About

  1. darling, I so thoroughly enjoy your every single post, I love your personality that just shines so bright through your writing, it always brings a smile to my face, sometimes making me laugh out loud….I love it! Keep it up and thanks for the awesome motivation to keep eating wickedgood food!! xoxo**Allie

  2. Tara darling, I love your every single post, and your personality that just shines so bright through your writing…. always brings a smile to my face or makes me laugh out loud even! I love love love it! Keep up the awesomeness and the motivation for me to keep eating wickedgood food….yum yum yum! I’m trying ’em all and lovin it! MUCH LOVE xoxo*Allie

  3. As mother of this beautiful vegan I have to say she so inspires me not just in food but in life. She is sunshine and she spreads it where ever she goes how blessed am I to have this amazing child for a daughter.

    How fantastic is it that whe wants to spread her vegan journey with all of us. Thank you Tara.

  4. I love you…you are hilarious. Your humor, honesty and down right wit brings smiles to this mohawked head. Soooper dooopper stoked we reconnected and cant wait to see your sunny disposition
    xo m

    1. Thank you so much, I really appreciate that. You know I was not really sure I would even start this blog. I am neither a writer, artist, nor cook, so it was seemingly daunting. Afraid of judgement and perhaps even your own abilities. But with feedback like this, that is not from my mom (love you mom!!), it really helps me along my way- personal growth, a conquering of fears, and just straight up fun YO!! Thank you thank you thank you!! 1 million times thank you.

    1. Aw thanks so much. I am just a little over a month into my blog life. WOW, there is sooo much out there I am overwhelmed. I love your blog too! Thank the darling Dairy Free Betty, as that is how I found you xoTara

  5. I’m glad you happened across my blog because I wouldn’t have discovered yours! what a nice blog you have. I love it

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