I have returned, with Pumpkin Pie Spice!!

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I am not usually predictable, though my behavior upon returning home from my most recent trip certainly was. 1 week ago I arrived home from a 6 week reprieve and educational whirlwind at Living Light Culinary Arts Institute in California. What have I done upon my arrival? Cry (predictable). I have not unpacked a suitcase, done the laundry, OR made a life plan (also predictable). I have sat upon my bed, eaten ice cream and questioned my life’s motives (incredibly predictable).  Le sigh…..

I almost feel as though I am right back where I used to be. Doing exactly what I used to be doing. Do I feel different? Absolutely, yet this “different” is accompanied by a slew of other inexplicable emotions. I just spent 1 month doing something I love, with group of people who were just about as odd and food-obsessed as me. That is special. But now I am home in “real-life”, and I have to go back to work. BALLS!!

Do I  feel ready for the monumental task of doing something that I deem worthwhile with my new found knowledge? Am I ready to unpack my suitcase, do some laundry and get creative? S*&%, not really. But hopefully a glass of wine, some WHAM! and spiced nuts will help me get there.

Listen to THIS song, NOW.​

Because it is October and everything I make for this month, will probably require pumpkin pie spice. Let us start with my basic recipe for pumpkin pie spice. I usually quadruple this recipe and keep it in the cupboard.