Wow! It has been almost 2 weeks since my last post and I am overflowing with recipes and useless useful information. I am working considerably less these days, though it seems that I am busier than ever. I would love to boast an array of DIY projects, beautiful photos, and possibly a  marathon amongst this busyness, but I cannot. Instead, I bring you a complaint about my sunburned back (ouch!), an array of mosquito bites (so itchy), a really cool thing happening online, and this weeks newest dedicated eating project.

If you have befriended me on Facebook you surely know about this cool thing  taking place online; Veganpalooza 2012!! It started last Wednesday and if you haven’t already,  please check it out.  Veganpalooza is a vegetarian world summit that has gathered together the leading writers, researchers, activists, educators, and coaches in the vegan movement.  Each person takes part in an individual conference call with hosts Steve Prussack and Dr. Will Tuttle. They give their educated opinion on a variety of questions and open people’s eyes to the work/research they are doing or have done.

Together this group of people have an invaluable amount of knowledge and insight on veganism.  Listening to these discussions have left me feeling empowered and more passionate than ever before.  I have kept up with the week-long  calls and I’m overloaded with information and inspiration. The vegan movement is growing quickly, and I really feel that this can give people an idea why. You do not need to be a veg to enjoy this fact filled event, though you may consider it by the end.  I feel as though this event is advocating radiant health, social harmony, and education above all else. If you’re interested I could do a short piece on each speaker, and if you’re in the Whistler area I have downloads that I would love to share,so please just drop me a line.

Now, on to the good stuff. Dedicated eating- cake and pie style!!

VEGAN ICE CREAM SANDWICH CAKE (works well when placed on burns AND mosquito bites)


1 1/2 Cup Raw Almonds

1 Cup Dates

6 TBSP Raw Cocoa

2 TBSP Coconut oil

1 1/2 TSP Peppermint Extract

1/4 Cup Coconut flakes

Place all the ingredients in a food processor EXCEPT coconut flakes and blend until it they are a fine meal. Sprinkle your coconut flakes on the base of your springform pan. This is to prevent your crust from totally sticking. Press HALF of your mixture into your springform pie pan, using your fingers. Put the other half of your crust in a container for later use. Place your pan in the freezer for at least 2 hours, because you want it chilled when you add your ice cream.


3 Cans  Coconut Milk (Full fat makes it much creamier, but light works well also)

3/4 Cup Agave

3  TSP Vanilla Powder (I think extract would work, but I have not tried it)

1/2 TSP Salt

3/4 CUP Mint chocolate chunks (additional 3/4 Cup if you want to melt them over the finished product)

Without an Ice Cream Maker: Place all ingredients in blender, except mint chocolate chunks. Once it is thoroughly blended pour the mixture into a large glass container and place it in the freezer. Let it remain in your freezer 2-3 hours, during this time your crust will be chilling also. One your ice cream begins to have a solid consistency pour  your chocolate chunks in, mix it up, and then pour it into your springform pan. Make sure there is at least a quarter-inch space remaining at the top.

With an Ice Cream Maker: Place all ingredients in blender, except mint chocolate chunks. Once thoroughly blended pour the mixture into your ice cream maker according to the manufacturer’s directions. 5 minutes before you are to remove your ice cream from the machine add your mint chocolate chunks. Then pour the ice cream into your springform pan making sure there is at least a quarter-inch space remaining at the top.

Allow the ice cream and base layer to freeze completely, so that you can easily spread the top layer of crust on to the ice cream. Do this the same way you did your crust base. Use your fingers to evenly distribute and tightly pack your crust in the top part of your springform pan.( The ice cream must be frozen solid so that you can use a little pressure.) Once your top is on place it back in the freezer for a couple hours.

To serve: Remove the cake from the freezer and immediately pop off the sides and flip it upside down to remove the base. Though I do not have a photo I actually melted some additional mint chocolate chunks and poured it over the top. Allow the cake to defrost about fifteen minutes to facilitate slicing. TAKE THAT DAIRY QUEEN!!



  1. tara I love you always you are amazinggg and I am eating this whole ice cream pie on Sunday– by MYSELF while I read smutty novels in my sweats. xoxoxooxo

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